Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for an affordable Southern Illinois wedding photographer you’ve come to the right place. Husband and Wife duo, Josh and Treena Ditto, have been serving Southern Illinois since the late 2000s. We have fully customizable wedding packages available and can easily accommodate weddings of any size or budget.

Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer

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When you choose JT Photo, you are guaranteeing TWO photographers covering your event. This ensures complete coverage of every aspect of your wedding. We pay close attention to details and try to document every “happening” during your wedding—whether it be big or small. There are many beautiful venues in Southern Illinois, and whether it be a winery, church, or a beautiful field somewhere in the great outdoors we are happy to work with you to ensure the best wedding photographs possible.

In addition to the prices below we will add $150/night for any overnight stays (required if wedding is more than 1hr from Anna, IL) as well as $0.55/mile, round-trip, for traveling.

For pricing and availability please email or call 618.614.7235

Wedding Photos in Southern Illinois